Cortezo Yatai Market – Madrid, Spain

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Let the neon lights, good vibes, and savory smells draw you into Madrid’s latest craze to the foodie scene – delectable Asian street food at the Cortezo Yatai Market.

Located just off Plaza de Tirso de Molina, Yatai Market unites several different vendors under one roof for a more social atmosphere and shareable experience.

Vendors are situated along the perimeter of the room with over-sized high tops located in the center to share. Towards the back, there’s a bar that offers beer, wine, and water. If you’re looking for a quieter, less social experience (I wouldn’t say private), beyond the bar is a ramp that leads to additional seating and three more restaurants hidden below.

Once you’ve grabbed a drink, explore each vendor and their menu options. My advice, look at other people’s plates! See what looks good to you – there’s at least 10 different vendors, you’re bound to enjoy at least one 🙂

Here are some of the items we tried…

Hot Bao20232777_1320140841436101_6725929240856073994_o

The first vendor you’ll see (on the left) when entering the Market. Per my recommendation, I suggest trying the Clasico Bao from Hot Bao, made with slow-cooked pork, pico de gallo, curry jaipour, red onions, and cilantro.

Funky Chen17240267_1181531491963704_5285772159126373120_o

To the right of Hot Bao is Funky Chen. They offer Pad Thai and Rice options topped with everything from veggies to crab meat. I, personally, did not try this Pad Thai, but my boyfriend did and he enjoyed every bite.


Le JaPonais Barsushi

Across from Hot Bao is Le JaPonais Bar; they offer everything from your standard California Roll to Speciality Sushi, Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki. This is by far the freshest and most delicious Salmon I have ever tasted. With just a dash of soy sauce, a pinch of wasabi, and a nice cold beer, this was one of my favorite dishes in Madrid.


Cortezo Yatai Market

Calle del Dr Cortezo, 10, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Sunday – Wednesday: 12:00 PM – 12:30 AM
Thursday – Saturday: 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM

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