Madrid, Spain

While we don’t consider ourselves city lovers, we sure enjoy this city! From its history and its culture to the shopping and the food, Madrid is one of our all time favorite city vacation locations!

We were only there for about five days but within that time we were able to explore some of the top attractions and eat and some of the most delicious restaurants.


Sobrino de Botin

Founded in 1725 by Jean Botin, Sobrino de Botin is well known for being one of the oldest restaurants still in operation today. The restaurant’s speciality ‘cochinillo asado’ (suckling pig roast) are mentioned in the closing pages of Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rises. Its other signature dish, Sopa de Ajo (an egg, poached in chicken broth, and laced with sherry and garlic), is a delectable pick-me-up for Madrileño revellers.



Takos Al Pastor

This popular Mexican joint is located at the corner of Calle de la Abada and Calle de la Salud… Each tako is made with slow-cooked, pulled meat (pork, chicken, beef, and chorizo). Some are garnished with fresh herbs such as cilantro while others are topped with fresh fruits and veggies such as pineapples and onions. Squeeze a bit of lime and squirt a dash of hot sauce, if you’d like, then grab an ice cold Corona to enjoy!

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Yatai Market

If you’re lucky enough to stubble upon this place like we did, you’re in for a real treat. The moment you walk into Cortezo Yatai Market, it’s as if you’ve opened a portable to Asia itself. The Yatai Market is a new addition to Madrid’s foodie scene. This market unites several Asian vendors under one roof. You can grab ramen from one place, sushi from another, bao, pad thai, you name it. They have it all!

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Buen Retiro Park



Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

If you’re a true Real Madrid fan, you’d be a fool not to check out their stadium! Unfortunately for us, we were vacationing during their off-season, but none-the-less we grabbed tickets for their self-walk stadium tour.  Although you can’t physically step foot on the field, you can, however, step inside their dugout and sit in their comfortable chairs! They also have a pretty amazing locker room that includes a giant hot tub, massage tables, and, of course, their locker stations. The tour also includes a walk through their grand trophy hall! At the end, you can visit the gift store and pick out a little something for yourself. They have a variety of items from shot glasses, wallets, socks, watches, jerseys, and more!


Puerto del Sol


Paseo del Recoletos


San Miguel Market


Palacio Real de Madrid


Templo de Debod





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