“Shipsomnia” Carnival’s EDM Cruise Ship – Barcelona, Spain

By now, chances are you’ve probably heard of the famous EDM cruise ship, Shipsomnia, hosted by Carnival’s Brilliance of the Seas.
With over 50 underground Electronic Dance Music DJs, this 5 day, 4 night cruise ship is one you don’t want to miss! This round-trip adventure starts in Barcelona, Spain before making its way to Ibiza, Spain, to Sete, France, and back to Barcelona.


Know Before You Go

Some things you may way to consider before boarding Shipsomnia, or any cruise ship for that matter:

Fan of Alcohol?

If you plan on drinking on board, I highly suggest you purchase bottles – multiple bottles – at the gift shop BEFORE boarding. They will ask you if you want to check your bag (no big deal) but you MUST have a carry-on bag of some sort in order to store your newly bought bottles. (You can’t just carry them in your hands). Our group of 4 finished our 3 bottles in 2 days. They were about 20 Euro each. With 3 days left on board, my boyfriend and I spent about $350 on drinks… We should have bought more bottles.

Fan of Shore Excursions?

Shipsomnia plans shore excursions in advance for passengers (for an additional cost). You can pay $130 per person (transportation included) to sit on the beach and eat a buffet style lunch at a beachside restaurant. We opted out for obvious reasons and decided to choose our own place for lunch. They offer transportation for those who opt out of shore excursions – 10 Euro per person. The bus will drop you off smack dab in the middle of Old Town Ibiza. From there, you’re better off on foot in some very sensible shoes. You can explore Dalt Vila, which means “Upper Town,” with narrow, winding, steep cobblestone streets with outstanding views. Visit local restaurants and unique retail stores. I recommend finding a little restaurant away from all the other tourists.







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