The Best Restaurants Atlanta Has to Offer – Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Raised in the suburbs of Atlanta for the past 20 years, I’ve grown accustom to these streets, created some of the best memories, and ate at some of the most delicious restaurants. So here’s a little insider –  the best grub this city has to offer from smokey and juicy Southern Barbecue to hand tossed pizzas from the freshest, Italian-imported ingredients. You’re welcome 🙂


Fox Bros BBQ

Hands down the best barbecue joint I have ever had the pleasure of eating at! This place is so go you don’t even need to use BBQ sauce on your meat! These brothers opened their doors back in 2007 and have not disappointed since. Their food is consistently good; it cannot disappoint. My go-to dish is the Brisket Plate – you can choose thin and meaty slices, thick and fatty slices, or dices. You also get a choice of two sides – there are many to choose from but their homemade Frito Pies and Mac and Cheese are to die for! There are also several beers on tap, a majority are made from local, Atlanta breweries.



Pizza dal Antico Napoletana

Antico’s first started making its way into ATLiens (the locals) stomachs years ago. Years later, they expanded their business and made its way into our hearts forever. This is not your typical pizza from your average pizza chain restaurant. This pizza is beyond anything you’ve ever tasted in the United States. I’ve had first hand experience in Italy making a pizza from scratch, so I can honestly say this is the closet thing you’re going to get to a real Italian pizza in the United States – with a generous $20 price tag, at that. I practically drool over the thought of this pizza. All the ingredients at Antico’s are imported fresh from Italy – the tomatoes, the basil, the cheese, the dough.. everything. They are cooked on a wood fired grill and then served to you on a baking sheet. There’s a small condiment table off to the side where you can add a sprinkle of Parmesan or a dash of oregano/chili flakes if you wish. And if you’re feeling up to a refreshingly cold beer, you can also grab a Peroni on draft that is imported from Italy as well.



The Vortex

If you’re looking for a fun night out, consider heading to The Vortex. This bar and grill joint is also a comedy club (Midtown location) known as the Laughing Skull. The Vortex is well known by ATLiens for their burgers. These burgers aren’t necessarily massive, but they are well beyond your average sized burger. A juicy 1/2 pound of beef is cooked medium well, topped with a double layer of cheese, crisp bacon, fresh onion, tomato, and lettuce, and a dollop of their signature house dressing, all resting on a brioche sesame seed bun. Once you’re finished eating, tip your dude, and make your way to the back of the place. There you’ll find the entrance to the Laughing Skull. Stand-up comedians make up a majority of the shows but occasionally they’ll throw in an improve or two. Keep in mind this place is for patrons 21 years and older and most comedy shows required a two drink minimum per person.



Sarah Donuts

Wow! What can I say about Sarah Donuts? These donuts are dangerously delicious. There has never been a time where I’ve had just one. This is far from your average doughnut shop; these bad boys are handmade every morning before the locals swoop in at 5:30 AM.  If you get the chance to swing by one of their five North Atlanta locations, try their Red Velvet Cake Donut. If you’re not a fan of doughnuts… or red velvet… you should consider trying one of their Sausage Rolls (my favorite) or a Sunflower Roll.  They also have specialty items like eclairs, cheese-filled croissants, apple fritters. There are bacon-topped doughnuts, rainbow-colored doughnuts, doughnuts topped with nuts, jelly-filled ones, the good-old fashion frosted ones, heart-shaped ones – you name it. But hurry quick because these delectable items sellout fast and their doors close at 2:00 PM.

Sarah Donuts

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