About Us

It all started two years ago – May 2, 2015 to be exact – where we met for the first time and our lives were forever changed.

My every day life used to consist of constant beach vacations, binge watching TV shows, and snuggling with my pup; now I enjoy kayaking and backpacking, watching the breath-taking views, and hiking up the mountain side with the love of my life AND my pup. As each day passes by, we grow older and wiser. And with each day, an opportunity is either gained or lost – it’s our choice to decide whether or not each and every opportunity is worth the risk and all worth while.

Ever since I met my love, I jump at each and every opportunity I’m given and I never looked back. I’m 24 years young, always looking to plan the next vacation that tops the last.

If you have questions, ask! Have any suggestions? I’m all ears. Take a look at our gallery as we guide you on our tour around the world.